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Organic Beef Spleen & Liver Capsules - Heme IRON Energy
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Are you looking to increase your Iron levels? Introducing the 'Ultimate Natural ORGANIC Iron Supplement'. If you are searching for the best supplement to help improve low iron levels, our consciously created, unique formulation of organic beef liver & spleen, has a whopping 73% RDI of easily absorbed Heme Iron (9.4mg) per serve. Packed with Vitamin B12, the perfect 2in1 Iron & B12 supplement.

Why take our Beef Spleen & Liver Capsules?

Beef Liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods, BEEF SPLEEN is many times richer in bioavailable Heme Iron but lacks other important nutrients. Combining with BEEF LIVER provides these TOP 5 synergistic nutrients to POWERFULLY BOOST Iron absorption. 

  • Vitamin B12 
  • Vitamin A (Retinol)
  • Folate B9
  • Riboflavin B2
  • Copper

The nutrients in our freeze-dried beef spleen & liver capsules have undergone the most meticulous independent lab testing & verification on the market.  

Benefits of Beef Spleen & Liver

Traditionally prized by our ancestors, offering wholefood nutritional support for: 

  • Healthy Iron levels
  • Enhanced Iron absorption 
  • 2-in-1 Vitamin B12 Supplement
  • Reduced fatigue/tiredness 
  • Mind clarity & focus
  • Improve energy & vitality
  • Blood health & cell formation  
  • Oxygen transport
  • Gut & digestive health      

    160 Capsules

    Our desiccated beef spleen & liver capsules make the nutritional benefits of eating certified organic beef spleen & liver accessible in daily life. 100% natural with nothing else added, simply vitamins & minerals in their most bioavailable form, created right here in Australia.

    The Cell Squared Difference

    We are extremely proud to conduct continuous ‘THIRD PARTY Testing & Verification’ of our organic freeze-dried beef organs supplements since day ONE.

    • Certified organic liver/spleen powder
    • Independently tested & verified
    • Lab tested/proven nutritional content
    • Free of GMO’s, fillers, & flow agents
    • Regeneratively farmed
    • 100% grass fed AND grass finished
    • Non-defatted
    • Australian sourced, made & owned


    Since 2020, we source our premium quality Australian certified organic beef spleen from regenerative farms on the ancient remote grasslands of Australia. 

    While others may claim organic or certified organic, they do not hold their own ACO Organic Certification. Meaning that even though the cattle they source MAY be ‘organic’, that is where the certification stops.

    Some of our key audits range from animal welfare to ensuring cattle are grass-fed & finished on 100% natural native grasses at ALL times, without the use of any fertilisers, pesticides, GMOs, hormones or antibiotics. 

    We have taken many further steps to certify all our beef organ POWDERS as ACO Certified Ingredients. Meaning we engage the ACO to strictly audit our ENTIRE supply chain.

    Checking ALL our processes from farm soil to the powder which ends up in the product on your table. Including the farms, abattoir, freeze drying, milling, storage, blending, packing and creation of the final certified powdered product.

    Meaning there is NO way any nasty processes, corner cutting, fillers or additives can ever make their way into our organic beef organ powders.

    The level of transparency required to hold our ACO certification is second to none.


    Benefits of Beef Spleen & Liver Capsules


    • Rich source of 100% natural, highly bioavailable (easily absorbed) Heme Iron
    • Holistically restore low Iron to healthy level
    • Iron boosting nutrients Vitamins A, B12, B2, Copper & Folate to ENHANCE IRON uptake, metabolism, absorption, transportation, & overall usability 
    • Deficiencies in these 5 KEY nutrients can lead to iron deficiency & reduced Iron uptake.
    • Iron & B12 to help reduce fatigue & brain fog, improving mind clarity
    • Improve red blood cell count & reduce Iron deficiency anaemia symptoms
    • Our cells require Iron, B12 plus other B Vitamins to convert energy from food into ATP which is the energy-carrying molecule found in the cells of all living things
    • Hemoglobin production - transport & storage of oxygen for improved muscle function
    • B Vitamins & Iron to promote energy production & normal blood formation.
    • Support gut health, digestive system & reduce inflammation
    • Gently freeze-dried, producing easily absorbed Heme Iron nutritional values of 9.4mg (73% RDI) per 6 capsule serve
    • Beef liver is a source of B12, Riboflavin, Folate, Heme Iron, Vitamin A, Copper, Choline, Selenium, Biotin, Niacin, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K Protein & many amino acids.
    • Beef Spleen is a rich source of Heme Iron
    • A naturally abundant source of bioavailable nutrients
    • Meticulously tested & verified to ensure an unrivalled quality

    Serving Size & When To Take

    How many should I take?


    • Take 4-6 capsules daily, for optimal results our recommended dose is 6 capsules.
    • If you are new to consuming nutrient dense organs, suggest 1-2 capsules for the first week, then increasing to recommended 4 caps to 6 caps.


    When should I take them?


    • Our organic freeze-dried beef spleen & liver capsules are created from wholefoods so they can be taken with or without food at any time of the day.
    • In the morning is best, to maximise the benefits throughout your day. We prefer to space out 20mins before food.
    • When to take options - 10 to 20mins before breakfast/meal, upon waking, mid morning, 1-2hrs before exercise, mid afternoon, before/with first meal, while fasting - the CHOICE is yours & what works best for your daily routine.
    • Like all routines, practice & discipline returns the greatest rewards
    • Use our nutrition tables to set your personal nutrient targets & dose accordingly
    • Give your cooking a nutritional edge. Break open & mix powder in with eggs, mince, soup, stew or sprinkle on top of your favourite meal
    • Option to alternate daily or mix & match with other products in our range – organic kidney or heart capsules


    Per 500mg Capsule -  Australian Certified Organic, Pasture Raised Australian Grass-Fed & Finished Beef Liver & Spleen Powder (Freeze-Dried) (84%) High Quality Bovine Gelatin Capsule (16%)

    Total - 160 Capsules (26-40 serves)


    Ingredient Highlights


    • Premium Standard ACO Certified Organic Beef Liver/Spleen Powder
    • Regenerative farming practices
    • Freeze-dried to lock in nutrients
    • 100% natural easily absorbed
    • Consciously formulated


    Independent Testing 


    • Strict ACO auditing of all processes
    • Tested & verified nutritional profile
    • Industry standard purity tests
    • Testing of No Heavy Metals


    Allergens - Product is gluten free, no gluten used or added.


    Celiac warning - may contain traces of gluten, one stage of product manufacturing is in same facility as gluten & nut products. Batch is tested for gluten, production lines are separated between gluten products, but we are unable to claim 100% Gluten Free because of same facility processing.


    Product is NOT to be used as a total diet replacement & should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet. People with medical conditions or special dietary requirements should always seek individual advice from your health professional prior to use. 

    Nutritional Information

    See nutritional panels for vitamin/mineral contents, found in main product photo slides above. 

    Ancient Origin

    Cultures throughout history, have praised the amazing health benefits of eating organs, with liver widely known as one of the most nutrient dense foods.

    We don’t have to go back far to discover liver and organs were a popular ancestral staple, stories of our parents arriving home to the smell of cooking liver with bacon or using other nutrient dense organs to make nourishing stews.


    Until recently the modern western diet had lost its connection with the nose to tail way of eating. Now we are unlocking what we always knew, that eating organ meats is not only great for our overall health, but also a more sustainable way of eating, by reducing waste.


    Liver use to be an extremely popular delicacy before people started favouring muscle meats for their flavour. Most often hunter-gathers would go straight for the organ meat before anything else. Organ meats are the most nutrient dense part of the animal, many times richer in vitamins & minerals compared to muscle meats.


    Traditional cultures past & present, lead lifestyles deeply connected to the natural world, following, and flowing to the cycles of life. Whether it be in the Americas, Australia, Africa, Europe, or Asia, those living on and with the land have always held animals in high regard, understanding the importance of life feeding life.

    Conscious Sourcing

    Conscious sourcing is at the heart of what we do. Our ACO certified organic beef spleen & livers are sourced from grass-fed & grass-finished beef, raised on ancient floodplains in the pure heart of Australia. Lake Eyre Basin is a land of ancient purity, so remote that the grasslands have been virtually untouched for millions of years.


    Cattle are raised with minimal human interaction, on seasonally changing pastures grown in nutrient rich soil. Our organic grass-fed beef liver & spleen capsules are a 100% natural wholefood with nothing added.


    We source our ACO certified organic beef liver & spleen fresh and gently freeze dry it in small batches to preserve all nutrients.

    FAQs & Reviews

    Scroll down through our product journey to learn more, our FAQs & genuine customer reviews are towards the bottom of the page. Plus we have some extra information in the product photo slider above. 

    Why Combine Beef Spleen with Liver?

    Over 1 million Aussies are suffering from low iron conditions, with many also having other nutrient deficiencies which are contributing to an inability to process & use the available Iron intake.

    Using our nutritional test data, we’ve consciously formulated a unique blend of organic beef spleen & liver to deliver 73% RDI Heme Iron alongside the KEY nutrients needed for Iron uptake & usability.

    IRON Boosting Nutrients

    Vitamin B12

    Required for creating healthy red blood cells (RBC), 70% of Iron is stored here, not enough B12 impairs DNA synthesis resulting in anemia from ineffective RBC production.

    Vitamin A

    Healthy levels ENHANCE absorption by regulating iron release from body stores (Ferritin) plus increasing uptake & utilisation. Deficiencies lead to Iron accumulation in the body tissues (Iron Overload).

    Riboflavin B2

    Increases Iron metabolism. Deficiencies can significantly increase the rate of Iron losses in the intestines & stomach.

    Folate B9

    Iron & Folate play an essential role in hemoglobin & red blood cell production.


    Ensures Iron is bound to transferrin for delivery to tissues, then unlocks Iron from tissue stores, & activates Iron's release into the bloodstream.

    "True Optimal Health Begins At The Cellular Level"™

    Benefits of Beef Spleen & Liver

    Heme Iron

    Beef Liver & Spleen, two of the most naturally abundant sources of highly bioavailable (easily absorbed) Heme Iron to assist in restoring low Iron to a healthy level.

    Uniquely Formulated

    Consciously formulated ratio of Beef Liver & Spleen to achieve 73% RDI (9.4mg) of Heme Iron per 6 capsule (3g) serve.

    Enhanced Iron Absorption & Usability

    Naturally occurring synergistic nutrients Vitamin A, B12, B2, Copper & Folate to assist Iron uptake & usability.

    Reduce Tiredness & Fatigue

    Iron & B12 to help reduce fatigue & brain fog, improving mind clarity.

    Blood Health & Cell Formulation

    Improve red blood cell levels which can reduce Iron deficiency anaemia symptoms. Promotes cell production & division.

    Oxygen Transport

    Iron is responsible for the production of hemoglobin protein, which allows red blood cells to transport oxygen from the lungs around the body to organs, muscles & tissues.

    What's our Clan Saying?

    Nutritional Values of Our Beef Spleen & Liver Capsules

    73% RDI Heme Iron

    300% RDI Vitamin B12

    72% RDI Vitamin A

    19% RDI Copper

    16% RDI Riboflavin (B2)

    11% RDI Folate (B9)

    9% RDI Selenium

    7% RDI Pantothenic Acid (B5)

    5% RDI Zinc


    Per 6 capsule (3g) serve

    Independently tested by Cell Squared

    *% of the RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake)

    What is the Recommended Dose?

    While we recommend 6 capsules is best, the decision on how many to take is dependent on each individual's nutritional needs.

    Being extremely passionate about beef organs, the last thing we want to see is the TRUE health benefits message diluted by telling people that 2-4 capsules will provide the same benefits as 6 capsules.

    What makes us different from others?

    While other brands are trying to build 'value' or 'potency' into their smaller bottles...we build 'Honesty & Integrity'.

    If you wish to take less capsules for more serves, take lower dosages, which also lessen the results.

    As beef organ supplements become more popular, we are seeing an increase in unsubstantiated claims (super low nutrient values), tricky advertising, buzz words & misrepresented organic sourcing.

    We strip nutrition back to basics by focusing on the authentic nutrients. Back in 2020 when we started creating these supplements, our TESTING & VERIFICATION confirmed 6 capsules provides the MOST benefits to our community. 

    How We Source Our Beef Spleen & Liver

    We source our certified organic beef spleen & liver fresh & gently freeze dry it in small batches to preserve all nutrients.

    From Australian Certified Organic grass-fed AND grass-finished beef, regeneratively raised on untouched native grasslands in the pure heart of Australia.

    The MOST METICULOUSLY TESTED & VERIFIED Australian freeze-dried beef liver capsules on the market.

    100% natural wholefood supplement with nothing added.

    Conscious Agriculture

    With our own history coming from a multi-generational family of traditional cattle farmers, it is key that we partner with the very best family farmers who have chosen organic livestock farming as a way of life. 

    Each farm has full certified organic transparency via Australian standard third party organic & bio dynamic audits, while precise quality inspections are carried out to ensure complete compliance at all times. 

    All of our beef suppliers are naturally regenerative through their methods of grazing beef across the open pristine Australian outback.

    Independently Tested

    After working away in remote areas of the country, we know first-hand the difficulty of sourcing quality organs for consumption. This is why we created this range - to provide our community with access to quality, certified organic, nutrient dense organs without any of the guess work.

    Having independently validated test data allows us to use clinical research, peer reviewed studies, & official recommendations as references on how to use our products, what benefits can be expected when integrated into daily routines & give medical professionals the tools to assist clients in reaching their health goals.

    Australian Certified Organic Ingredients

    Certified Beef Spleen & Liver Powder ensures that every stage of production is free from synthetic chemicals, grass fertilisers, & GMO's, whilst being produced in a way that prioritises animal welfare, promotes ecological balance, preserves soil health, and conserves biodiversity.

    The term 'organic' means much more to us than a buzz word added before a product description to stay on trend. Organic certification is a highly developed & trusted third-party certification system.

    With a lack of domestic regulation in Australia, third-party certification becomes even more important, as it assures that the entire supply chain has been independently audited against strict standards..

    'Our Capsules Are Created Using Cell Squared's Certified Organic Beef Spleen & Liver Powder'

    Premium Standard

    Auditing confirmed that all our facilities & processes meet the highest Certified Organic standards in Australia - this includes the farms, abattoir, freeze drying, milling, capsulation method & packing.

    This means you are guaranteed the most premium & highest quality ACO Certified Beef Organ Powders on the Australian market.

    Our powders range is FULLY certified organic, and our capsuled supplements are created using the exact same powders in the form of ACO Certified Organic Ingredients.

    Tasteless + Convenient

    Making the many health benefits of organs accessible in daily life.

    6 capsules = Up to 18g raw beef liver & spleenor up to 34g cooked beef liver & spleen.

    Take with water or break open the capsules and sprinkle the powder into meals.