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Why The Premium Standard?

When creating our range of beef organ supplements, our intention was to be of high quality, organically sourced, 100% grass fed, and nutrient dense.

Through our sourcing, development, & testing, we've left no stone unturned so our customers can be assured that they are receiving the most premium standard.


With our own history coming from a multi-generational family of traditional cattle farmers, it is key that we partner with the very best family farmers who have chosen organic livestock farming as a way of life. 

Each farm has full certified organic transparency via Australian standard third party organic & bio dynamic audits, while precise quality inspections are carried out to ensure complete compliance at all times. 

All of our beef suppliers are naturally regenerative through their methods of grazing beef across the open pristine Australian outback.


Cattle are raised with minimal human interaction on seasonally changing, nutrient rich pastures. With few fences and boundaries, the cattle live low-stress lives & follow their instincts to freely roam across limitless hectares of grasslands. Here they are free to forage on over 250 species of native grasses, herbs and succulents grown in fertile, nutrient rich soil.

Modern agriculture has unfortunately lost its way with the introduction of monocropping, animal feedlot systems, unnatural glyphosates, hormones, grass fertilisers and exogenous antibiotics.

 Regenerative Agriculture is a way of raising animals that closely mirrors how ruminants have grazed on the grasslands of earth for eons to preserve the natural environment and create a healthier ecosystem.


After working away in remote areas of the country, we know first-hand the difficulty of sourcing quality organs for consumption. This is why we created this range - to provide our community with access to quality, certified organic, nutrient dense organs without any of the guess work.

Having independently validated test data allows us to use clinical research, peer reviewed studies, & official recommendations as references on how to use our products, what benefits can be expected when integrated into daily routines & give medical professionals the tools to assist clients in reaching their health goals.


Experiencing the nutritional qualities of our products was not enough for us, we wanted to PROVE them. So, we engage one of Australia’s leading food laboratories to independently third party test the nutritional profile of each product.

Working in collaboration with the lab, allows us to develop a true nutritional profile of each product. Creating our own profile allows us to 100% stand behind the products that we sell with complete confidence that our customers are getting what they pay for. Compared to other brands out there, we are the most meticulously tested, verified and audited - ensuring an unrivalled quality. 


The term 'organic' means much more to us than a buzz word that is added in front of a product description to stay on trend. Organic certification is a highly developed & trusted third-party certification system.

With a lack of domestic regulation in Australia, third-party certification becomes even more important, as it provides an assurance that the entire supply chain has been independently audited against strict standards.

Organic producers are required to pay additional certification and audit fees to show that they conform to stringent organic standards. It is not only producers that have to be verified. Processors, handlers, wholesalers and the whole chain, from the farm soil to the product on your table, are all certified to these standards. Organic certifications ensure every stage of production is 100% free from synthetic chemicals, grass fertilisers, & GMOs, whilst being produced in a way that prioritises animal welfare, promotes ecological balance, preserves soil health, & conserves biodiversity.


Auditing confirmed that all our facilities & processes meet the highest Certified Organic standards in Australia - this includes the farms, abattoir, freeze drying, milling, capsulation method & packing.

This means you are guaranteed the most premium & highest quality ACO Certified Beef Organ Powders on the Australian market.