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Organic Grass-Fed Beef Liver Capsules
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Liver is one of most nutrient dense foods on the planet!

Traditionally prized by our ancestors and regarded as ‘nature’s multivitamin’, offering wholefood nutritional support for HEALTHY IMMUNE FUNCTION, ENERGY and OVERALL WELLBEING.

Organically sourced from the ancient grasslands of Australia’s Lake Eyre Basin, our freeze-dried liver capsules are 100% natural with nothing added. Vitamins and minerals in their most bioavailable form.

Cultures throughout history, have praised the amazing health benefits of eating liver. Now our tasteless & convenient, organic & grass-fed liver capsules make the nutritional benefits of beef liver accessible in daily life.

  • 100% natural

  • Independently tested

  • GMO free

  • No Fillers or flow agents

  • Organic & regeneratively farmed

  • 100% grass fed AND grass finished
  • Freeze-dried & nutrient dense

  • Keto, Paleo & Carnivore friendly

  • Australian sourced, made & owned

The MOST METICULOUSLY TESTED Australian freeze-dried liver capsules on the market.

160 Capsules



+ A naturally abundant source of bioavailable nutrients

+ Meticulously tested to ensure an unrivalled quality

+ Most abundant source of Preformed Vitamin A (Retinol) found in nature, for healthy immune function, vision & skin health

+ Vitamin A to assist with iron metabolism

+ Vitamins B12, B2, B3 & B5 to help reduce fatigue, promote energy production, support neurological performance & normal blood formation.

+ B12 to improve exercise performance, mind clarity & reduce brain fog

+ Regarded as Nature’s Multivitamin – for overall wellbeing, energy & immune system support

+ Gently freeze-dried, producing nutritional values (per 3g serve) equivalent of eating up to 18g raw or 36g cooked beef liver


Serving & Uses

+ Take 4-6 capsules daily with or without food

+ If you are new to consuming nutrient dense organs, suggest 1-2 capsules for the first week, then increasing to recommended 4 caps (2g) to 6 caps (3g)

+ Like all routines, practice & discipline returns the greatest rewards

+ Give your cooking a nutritional edge. Break open & mix powder in with eggs, mince, soup, stew or sprinkle on top of your favourite meal

+ Option to alternate daily or mix & match with other products in our range – organic heart or kidney capsules


Ancient Origin 

Cultures throughout history, have praised the amazing health benefits of eating organs, with liver widely known as one of the most nutrient dense foods.

We don’t have to go back far to discover liver and organs were a popular ancestral staple, stories of our parents arriving home to the smell of cooking liver with bacon or using other nutrient dense organs to make nourishing stews.

Until recently the modern western diet had lost its connection with the nose to tail way of eating. Now we are unlocking what we always knew, that eating organ meats is not only great for our overall health, but also a more sustainable way of eating, by reducing waste.

Liver use to be an extremely popular delicacy before people started favouring muscle meats for their flavour. Most often hunter-gathers would go straight for the organ meat before anything else. Organ meats are the most nutrient dense part of the animal, many times richer in vitamins & minerals compared to muscle meats.

Traditional cultures past & present, lead lifestyles deeply connected to the natural world, following, and flowing to the cycles of life. Whether it be in the Americas, Australia, Africa, Europe, or Asia, those living on and with the land have always held animals in high regard, understanding the importance of life feeding life.



From grass-fed & grass-finished organic beef, raised on ancient floodplains in the pure heart of Australia. Lake Eyre Basin is a land of ancient purity, so remote that the grasslands have been virtually untouched for millions of years.

Cattle are raised with minimal human interaction, on seasonally changing, nutrient rich pastures. Our organic beef liver capsules are a 100% natural wholefood with nothing added.

We source our beef liver fresh and gently freeze dry it in small batches to preserve all nutrients.


450% RDI Vitamin B12

107% RDI Vitamin A

21% RDI Riboflavin (B2)

17% RDI Folate (B9)

13% RDI Bioavailable Iron

8% RDI Pantothenic Acid (B5)

6% RDI Niacin (B3)

6% RDI Copper


Per 6 capsule (3g) serve

Independently tested by Cell Squared

*% of the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake)


The MOST METICULOUSLY TESTED Australian freeze-dried beef liver capsules on the market.

100% natural wholefood with nothing added

From grass-fed AND grass-finished certified organic beef, raised on untouched floodplains in the pure heart of Australia.

We source our beef liver fresh and gently freeze dry it in small batches to preserve all nutrients.


Making the many health benefits of organs accessible in daily life.

6 capsules = Up to 18g raw beef liveror up to 34g cooked beef liver.

Take with water or break open the capsules and sprinkle the powder into meals.


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