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Our Founders

Cell Squared was founded in 2019 from a desire to overcome our own health challenges & optimise our quality of life.  

Avid travelers, we are drawn to exploring exotic ancient sites and expanding our fascination with the ancestral way of living. We often seek out places of solitude where we are able to connect with nature and explore our spiritual being.     

Through our travels, we developed an interest in traditional healing modalities & ancient cultures’ means of living and began exploring how we could make this ancestral wisdom accessible in modern life.

A common theme we found was a profound connection between the way our ancestors nourished their bodies, nurtured the earth, and developed their spiritual selves as part of a communal tribe. A synergistic way of living with access to raw, unmanipulated ingredients alongside a strong focus on meditation, ceremony, and self-awareness.

As our own wellness journey evolved, we discovered that many ‘healthy’items on the shelves were in fact still riddled with sugars, chemicals, heavy metals, & preservatives. It was then that we began to seek out only the purest, unmodified health staples for ourselves.

Cell Squared exists to exemplify the shift we wish to see in the natural health movement and to share our passion for REAL ingredients & traditional healing with our community.

Wade & Lauren +++


Our journey with organ meats began when I (Lauren)experienced a rapid decline in health from stopping oral contraceptive.

Faced with prolonged amenorrhea, severe acne, irregular moods, hair loss, gut issues & fatigue, the only advice I was offered was to recommence synthetic hormones & medications. 

Poor health negatively affects all areas of life, taking it’s toll not only physically, but mentally, & emotionally. We don’t truly appreciate the blessing of good health until experiencing its challenges. 

Having already embraced a holistic lifestyle & dialled-in diet, I felt frustrated as I was doing everything ‘right’ yet not yielding results. I was determined to naturally resolve these ailments and knew that I had to step-up my protocols to overcome them. 

My search for answers led me to traditional diets, and I ultimately stumbled across the nutrition of organ meats whilst scouring online forums discussing the Carnivore Diet.

Including organ meats in my diet was a catalyst in my healing. Heart, brain, thymus, tongue, kidney, bone marrow, & the almighty name it, I ate it! Not once, or twice but consistently for months whilst my hormones recalibrated.  

Achieving optimal health is an ongoing journey, and one with many twists and turns. There is no single ‘cure all’ ingredient, however we CAN support our body’s innate resilience with the nourishing tools it needs to regenerate.  


Several years ago, organ meats weren’t as popular as they are now, and certainly not as readily available! Our co-founder (Wade) saw the benefits Lauren was experiencing and decided to seek out organ meats for himself. The trouble was that he was working away in remote areas of the country and sourcing high quality fresh organs was a tricky task!

When I (Wade) was home in Melbourne, I could easily source certified organic beef organs (especially beef liver) whenever I wanted, however when working away in regional QLD I would be lucky to find poor quality chicken livers at one of the supermarkets. So, I began the search for alternative ways to get my beef organ fix, this is when I noticed some overseas companies were offering freeze-dried organ meat supplements from South America.

"Our personal mission is now to drive the resurgence of organ meats & to connect as many people as possible with the nutritional benefits of these original superfoods."


Already one year into our Cell Squared journey which started 2019, and already holding our own ACO Certified Organic Certification, I thought “let’s make a solution to my problem” and start freeze drying our very own Australian certified organic beef organ powders.

With a multi-generational family history of traditional cattle farming, our number one priority was to partner with the very best family farmers who have chosen organic livestock farming as a way of life. Partnering with certified organic farms allows Cell Squared to complete the full circle of transparency with a strict organic audit trail from the farm soil our cattle roam upon to the powder which goes into every single supplement we produce.


After solving my own personal need to always have constant access to high quality beef organs, we then wanted to spread the word and share the benefits of these nutrient dense foods with others! 

Personally, I thought the nutritional information around beef organ supplements was severely lacking. Many other brands were laying their entire foundations on nutritional guess work and the ‘like supports like’ concept, which does have theoretical merit, but not enough substantiated scientific backing in my eyes.

We set out to revolutionise and become the market leader in this space through our ongoing development, testing and verification. Focusing on rigorous independent third-party nutritional testing so we can 100% stand behind each product and back up the almost endless benefits of freeze-dried beef organs supplements.