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Cell Squared is an online shop offering 100% natural/organic wholefoods & ancestral staples to support a holistic & conscious lifestyle. We do not have a physical store; however, we are stocked in over 20 stores Australia wide. Please see our stockist section for your nearest health foods store. If you would like to see any of our ‘Healthy Fats’, ‘Ancient Salts’, ‘Ancestral Staples’ or ‘Organic Grass-Fed Beef Organ Capsules & Powders’ ranges stocked at your favourite local health food store, please be sure to let them know!

A list of stores that stock Cell Squared is availableHERE. Alternatively, you can buy via this website by pressing the SHOPbutton'.

We place a strong focus on the sourcing of our products. Making local & global health staples accessible to those outside their places of origin is just as important to us as ensuring that they are ethically sourced. Many of our products are locally sourced, however we understand that different products & ingredients are sometimes best sourced from abroad, such as their country of origin. That is why we search far and wide for the absolute best natural ingredients. You can learn more about our sourcing and the importance of conscious consumption HERE

All Cell Squared products are gluten free, however some products may contain trace amounts of gluten due to being processed in the same facility as gluten.

For example, our organic beef organ supplements range has no added gluten, however may still contain trace amounts. Our processing facilities ensure thorough cleaning and sanitising practices before and after the production of each product, however there is still gluten processed in the same facility. Although our organs are processed on different production lines, we cannot claim to be 100% gluten free as there could still be trace amounts of gluten. 

If you are celiac, please contact Cell Squared at about the product you are interested in and we will advise whether there are trace amounts or not.

We select only the highest quality ingredients for our range, with each product undergoing vigorous scrutiny. Each Cell Squared product is 100% natural, with many products being Australian Certified Organic and undergoing independent testing. Our promise is that you will never find any synethic ingredients, GMO’s, fillers, flow agents, preservatives, colourings, fragrances, or artificial additives in our products.

Many Cell Squared products are certified organic. Our Australian Certified Organic products are clearly defined with a green/teal coloured organic band and/or the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) logo. While not all our products are certified organic, all of them are 100% natural, sourced under the strictest conditions and are completely non-GMO. You can learn more about the sourcing of our organic organ supplements range in our blog 'The Importance of Sourcing Certified Organic Organ Meats'

Every Cell Squared product is Paleo & Ketogenic friendly. We have personally gravitated towards eating a Paleo-style Ketogenic diet, our products complement this way of eating with ranges of ‘Healthy Fats’, ‘Ancient Salts’, ‘Ancestral Staples’ and our premium Organic Grass-Fed Beef Organ Capsules & Powders range.

Cell Squared prides itself as being a one stop shop for the purest carnivore and animal-based products in Australia. Our range includes Australian Certified Organic Grass-Fed Ghee, delicious Australian sourced Sea Salt Flakes, and our premium Organic Grass-Fed Beef Organ Capsules & Powders. Our capsules range includes freeze-dried organic grass-fed beef Liver, Kidney, or Heart capsules. Our organic powders range includes a unique ‘nose to tail’ organs blend, as well as a pure freeze-dried liver powder known as ‘natures multivitamin’.

The shelf life for Cell squared products vary. You can find this information on the rear of the label.

We feel passionately about transparency & verification. When sourcing products, we ensure that they have been tested to prove that they are natural and chemical-free, as well as to verify their nutritional profile. We also conduct additional independent testing on certain products in our range such as our Sea Salt Flakes and our Organic Organ Powders and Capsules range.

All our packaging is 100% recyclable. You can learn more about our packaging and shipping practices HERE

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We accept payments with Debit card, Mastercard, VISA, Maestro, Apple Pay and Paypal. Your payment is processed via a fully authorised Payment Service which ensures that all your information remains totally confidential.

Shipping & Returns

Shipments are processed & sent Monday ‐ Fridays.

We aim to have orders processed, packed & sent within 24hrs (on business days), but please allow up to 48hrs during very busy times.

Orders are shipped from our warehouse in Central Coast NSW.

We currently only ship within Australia, however will be set up for international shipping shortly. Stay up to date by subscribing to our email newsletter HERE

Yes, we offer express post

Currently standard shipping times are expected to be 3-7 business days(depending on destination) from when the parcel is picked up by the carrier. 

Currently express post shippingtimes are expected to be 2-4 business days (depending on destination) from when the parcel is picked up by the Australia Post.

We sent you an email after we dispatched your order and you should find a link to track your order from there. Please check your junk folder, and if you still need some help drop us a line at your order number.

Detailed information on our returns policy can be found HERE

Yes, we offer free shipping for orders over $90

Standard shipping is a flat rate of $8 Australia wide (for all items under 5kg)

Organic Beef Organ Supplements

Yes, our beef liver powder & organs powder are the only 100% ACO Australian certified organic freeze-dried organ powders available in Australia.

Our beef capsules range uses the same certified organic beef liver, heart, & kidney powders which are registered as as certified organic ingredients with the ACO. However, our bovine gelatin capsule casings are not certified organic.

Cell Squared 100% guarantees organic origin, sourcing our beef liver & organs fresh from Australian certifiedorganic farms. Some other brands claim to source organic beef, however they do not source from certified organic farms which does not guarantee the beef to be of organic origin or free from any pesticide accumulation.

No, our liver/organs powder does not need to be refriedgerated

Yes, absolutely! Our Beef Liver capsules / powder are incredibly nutritious, making them perfect to integrate whilst pregnant. They are a wholefood with nothing else added, with each serve containing the perfect natural balance of bioavailable nutrients. 

We get asked this question so frequently that we wrote a blog which you can read here >> Eating Liver During Pregnancy and
Breastfeeding — Cell Squared Australia

This blog outlines some key nutrients and benefits, nutritional values per serve, and dosage size. 

Within the healthcare profession, there are still some mixed views around integrating Vitamin A during pregnancy, however there are many healthcare rofessionals encouraging the integration of liver during pregnancy.

The studies that have been carried out on Vitamin A have been based on the synthetic form of Vitamin A and not the wholefood form (retinol) found in beef liver. The studies that were carried out were also done so with significantly high doses of synthetic Vitamin A (wayyyyyy above the upper limits!). As you can see in our blog, the amount of Vitamin A in our liver capsules is well below the upper limit of 3000mcg (as outlined by 

Of course, we still always recommend to check in with your health practitioner to ensure the vitamin and mineral quantities in our liver capsules/powder are appropriate for your individual health parameters and also that they complement the rest of your dietary intake. 

Yes, Beef Liver is safe for babies and can be integrated into babies diets from around 6 months old.

We recommend sprinkling babies food with approximately 1/4 of the adult dosage a few times a week.

The recommended adult dosage of our liver poweris 1 teaspoon, so the baby dosage is 1/4 of a teaspoon.

The reccommended adult dosage of our liver capsules is 6 capsules, so the baby dosage for liver capsules is 1.5 capsules (simply open up the liver capsules to access the powder).

We also recommend speaking with your health practitioner to ensure the micronutrients in liver powder are complimenting the rest of your little one's diet. 

To learn more about the nutrients in beef liver powder and how this could benefit your growing children, head to our blog 'Organic Beef Liver Powder For Children'

Yes, our range of freeze-dried beef organ capsules & powders supplements are 100% Australian sourced and made.

In extremely rare cases some members of our community can experience
slight detox symptoms (healing symptoms) when integrating such highly nutrient
dense supplements into their daily routine for the first time. Now, even though
these symptoms can sometimes be uncomfortable, a detox is not necessarily
something that we are meant to run and hide from. For example, many times when
we ‘catch’ the seasonal cold/flu, it is the cells within our body reacting
/detoxing/cleansing to the stored germs & toxins that are causing many of
the symptoms which modern medicine has taught us to mask with synthetic pain
killers or flu tablets.

 Some of the rare short-term symptoms that could be experienced when
integrating beef organ supplements for the first time include flu-like
symptoms, headaches, nausea, stomach discomfort, short term lethargy, increased
energy, changes to bowel movements, or dizziness. These types of symptoms are
often present when our cells/body has more ability and power from the extra
nutrients to process/detox stuck and unwanted toxins, wastes, heavy metals,
germs, and parasites.

 These could also be signs that the body is potentially adjusting to
these newfound levels of nutrients, and to some long-term deficiencies which
may be present.

 In the rare case you happen to be experiencing any of these symptoms, as
per our online product usage suggestions we recommend dropping the dosage down
to 1-2 capsules (0.5-1g powder) per day for one week while monitoring symptoms,
then adding another 1 x capsules (0.5g) per week until you have reached the
recommended full dose of 6 capsules (3g).

 Make sure you are drinking plenty of water to assist with flushing the

 If these symptoms continue with slow integration or removing the
supplements, you should also speak with a medical practitioner or healthcare
professional to make sure there are no deeper underlying health or nutritional
ailments present. 

 This information is considered a guide and does not intend to offer any
form of medical opinion, diagnosis, or treatment. Any immediate or ongoing
health concerns SHOULD ALWAYS speak with a healthcare professional. 

Organic Grass Fed Ghee

Our Grass-Fed Ghee or Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Grass-Fed Ghee do not need refrigeration. The texture of ghee/clarified butter is best when unrefrigerated, except certain hot climates where the ghee may liquify. No need to worry though, your ghee will still hold all its nutritional & health benefits. If your ghee is getting toward the end of its best before date, you may want to refrigerate to extend shelf life.

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