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Salts have been a highly sought-after commodity across all cultures and continents throughout time. After all, salt is an essential element of life and is found everywhere from the ocean to our tears.  

Ancient salts have played a critical role in ancestral health and as our body can’t produce them, they must be provided through our diet.

Salt has been a key ingredient in many forms of traditional medicine for millennia. In times gone by, salt was so celebrated that it was even used as a currency in many cultures. In fact, the word ‘Salary’ is actually derived from the word ‘Salt’!

Aside from being crucially important economically speaking, salt also holds an important cultural and spiritual significance. It has long been used in Shintoism for purification, in Buddhism to repel negative energies, by the Egyptians who used salt in their afterlife rituals, and ancient Ayurvedic texts also consider it essential to growth and the optimum function of our body.

Consciously sourced from 100% pure sources

We’ve searched locally and abroad to ensure we bring you only the highest quality ancient salts, completely free of heavy metals and sourced from 100% natural sources. Each of our ancient salts contains a different trace mineral and electrolyte content, to help you reconnect with your health.

Head to our shop to discover which of our ancient salts is best suited for your health and wellness goals.