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Ancestral health staples for holistic modern living

By combining remedial methods we’ve known for years with ancestral practices we’ve known for lifetimes, we can find true symbiosis across mind, body and spirit.

We believe in making ancestral wholefoods and remedies accessible within modern life, allowing us to not just survive, but THRIVE.

Food As Medicine

We’re firm believers in traditional healing practices. If ancestral health has taught us one thing, it’s that true mastery begins from within. This is why every single Cell Squared wholefoods product is natural yet medicinal. This holistic approach to health & wellness ensures our community experiences each product’s benefits across mind, body & spirit.

Unrivalled Quality

Exceptional sourcing is at the heart of what we do. We know that different products & ingredients are sometimes best sourced from abroad, such as from their country of origin. That’s why we search far & wide as well as our own backyard for only the very best natural wholefoods products.

Eating a nutrient rich diet is essential to living a healthy & happy life but is even more so during (and post) pregnancy where nutrient needs are amplified to nourish not only your own body, but that of the little life you are growing. This blog explores some of the key nutrients in beef liver and how to eat it whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.

Vitamin B12, also known as ‘Cobalamin’, is one of eight B Vitamins that your body requires to carry out important functions such as energy production, the formation of red blood cells, DNA synthesis, regulating homocysteine levels, and maintaining proper nervous system function.

We all know the saying ‘we are what we eat’,but how true does this ring when it comes to eating organ meats, and just how important is choosing Australian certified organic for our health, animal welfare, and the environment?

Cell Squared

True optimal health begins at the cellular level. And just like a cell, every small action we take multiplies to create larger positive change.

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