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Collagen Charged Bulletproof Coffee

Our favourite way to kick start the day is with a collagen charged Bulletproof coffee. Blending nutrient-dense fats like grass-fed Ghee into your coffee releases the caffeine slowly throughout the day - no typical ‘coffee crash’. It’s also a great option if coffee typically makes you feel jittery.

Coffee is a stimulant. It affects our blood sugar by raising cortisol levels, which are naturally elevated in the morning already (it's what wakes you up!). You don't want your cortisol levels too high, or it can send you into a "fight or flight" response - this is what makes some people feel jittery and anxious after coffee.

When cortisol spikes it also causes blood sugar to crash, instigating that ‘spike and crash cycle’ fuelled by hunger and cravings for the rest of the day. The healthy fats in Bulletproof coffee can help negate a sudden spike in cortisol, keeping blood sugar levels regulated.

We also love adding collagen because it makes the coffee extra creamy and frothy and packs a protein punch (18 amino acids!) which provides nutritional support for gut and digestive health, healthy skin, hair and nails, muscle repair & recovery, and strong bones & joints! 

Drinking coffee this way means we no longer get nauseous, jittery, or anxious - the fats and collagen help to stabilise our blood sugar and energy levels and support better brain function.

 Collagen Ghee Bulletproof Coffee




Place everything in your high-speed blender and blitz until frothy. Pour into a mug and enjoy!


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