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Conscious Consumption

We place a strong focus on the sourcing of our products. Making local & global health staples accessible to those outside their places of origin is just as important to us as ensuring that they are ethically sourced.

The smallest choices ripple across multiple platforms, and it’s up to us make that impact a positive one. Encouraging conscious consumption benefits everyone, from the local consumer to the global community.

We choose to collaborate with small scale cooperatives both in Australia and around the world who share our passion for purity, responsibility, and conscious living. Each of our partners are actively involved in projects that better their communities and environment, with Cell Squared working towards our own social initiatives in the future. 

We meticulously research each product, seeking out only the best sources that we would use ourselves, with an emphasis on testing, traceability, and premium quality.

“The smallest choices ripple across multiple platforms, and it’s up to us to make that impact a positive one”

Our Beautiful Earth

The earth has gifted us with each Cell Squared natural product and we strive to honour these blessings in every way we can.

Through our Australian sourced recyclable packaging, sustainable shipping methods, and conscious sourcing, we are committed to finding better ways to harmonise with our environment.

As new technologies emerge, we are continuously finding ways to better our processes, with our sustainable journey evolving as we evolve as a brand.


We select only the highest quality ingredients for our range, with each product undergoing vigorous scrutiny. Each Cell Squared product is 100% natural, with many products being Australian Certified Organic and undergoing independent testing. Our promise is that you will never find any fillers, GMO’s, flow agents, preservatives, colourings, or artificial additives in our products.



Exceptional sourcing is at the heart of what we do and the passion that began our journey
as Cell Squared. We source only the purest ingredients available, which means going straight to the source, either here in Australia or from the ingredient’s
traditional country of origin. We choose to partner with likeminded suppliers that share our passion for conscious living, with many of our producers using traditional production methods.


All of our packaging is sourced, designed, printed and packaged locally here in Australia. Our jars and bottles are 100% recyclable, and our pouches are 100% recyclable under the soft plastics ‘RED-Cycle’ program.


Each order is packed and distributed by a small-scale distribution company that
offers ongoing employment opportunities to a range of people with and without
disabilities. Our postage packaging is fully recyclable, using boxes made from recycled materials, eco wrap, recycled butchers’ paper for protective box filler, and biodegradable Kraft paper packing tape. We choose to avoid paper wastage by not including personalised
message cards and instead let our products speak for themselves.