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Healthy Fats

We’re firm believers in ancestral healing practices & integrating these into any modern lifestyle. Our range of healthy fats is compiled from natural sources that use traditional production methods to maximise health benefits.

Our ancestors understood the remarkable benefits of cooking with traditional fats such as lard, butter, and ghee, however we have seemed to have strayed from this wisdom in recent times, with many opting for cleverly marketed & unnatural seed oils instead.

Despite receiving a bad rap over the last 50 years, experts are only now rediscovering the important role that traditional fats play in maintaining our health & vitality.

No matter what dietary lifestyle you are leading, more people are learning of the harmful impact of hydrogenated seed oils on their health & are returning to traditional sources of cooking fat, such as Ghee.

What are the benefits of consuming healthy fats?

Healthy fats are, and have always been, an essential part of the human diet. Healthy dietary fats are not just a source of energy; they function as structural building blocks of the body, carry fat-soluble vitamins, are involved in vital physiological processes, & are indispensable for several important biological functions.

Some types of vitamins rely on fat for absorption & storage in the body. Vitamins A, D, E & K, called fat-soluble vitamins, cannot function without adequate daily fat intake. Healthy sources of fat, such as ghee, not only contain these fat-soluble nutrients, but they also assist with the uptake of nutrients in other foods that are eaten alongside it.

Some of the noteworthy benefits of regularly consuming healthy fats include:

+ Maintaining a healthy immune system

+ Forming our brains & nervous systems

+ Regulating our emotions & mood

+ Regulating our endocrine system & genes

+ Assisting with vitamin transport & absorption

+ Providing a source of energy

Prioritising our healthy fat intake can benefit the functioning of our entire body. It is important to emphasize wholefood healthy fat sources & to look for opportunities to integrate these into our diets.

Consciously sourced from 100% pure sources

We source only the highest quality healthy fats for our range, with each fat sourced using traditional production methods. This results in a pure, unaltered product that retains all its nutrients & is not harmed by modern day industrialised processes. When you enjoy our healthy fats, you do so in the same way that our ancestors did.

Whether you’re powering off ketones or off glucose, there’s many ways to include healthy fats in your diet.  Head to our shop or recipes page to discover delicious ways to introduce essential nutrients into your diet.

Australian Organic Grass-Fed Ghee

+ For use in everyday cooking as a healthy alternative to cooking oils

+ Cleanse your body by following one of the ancient Ayurvedic detox protocols

+ Excellent source of vitamins A, D, E & K

+ Sourced from grass fed cows & produced using traditional Ayurvedic methods

Vitamin E acts is an antioxidant & aids to protect cells from the damage caused by harmful free radicals.

Organic Cacao Butter Buttons

+ Assists with collagen production for gut health & reduced inflammation

+ Improves brain function, mental clarity & immune resilience

+ Organically & sustainably cultivated

Applying cacao butter to skin can help rejuvenate existing skin cells while promoting the growth of new cells

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