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ACO Certified Organic Beef Organs

​We source our 100% grass-fed organic beef organ meats from fully certified organic regenerative farms which are independently audited to ensure that no chemicals, hormones, synthetics, fertilisers or pesticides are used at any time. The cows roam free on vast & expansive 100% natural grasslands with no grass fertilisers EVER!

After sourcing our premium organ meats, we engaged the ACO ( to audit our ENTIRE supply chain from farm to finished product.  Auditing confirmed that all our facilities & processes meet the highest Certified Organic standards in Australia - this includes the farms, abattoir, freeze drying, milling, capsulation & packing.

This means you are guaranteed the most premium & highest quality ACO Certified Beef Organs Powders on the Australian market.

The ONLY ACO certified organic beef organs powder

We are the ONLY Australian brand using ACO Certified Organic organ powders for these products:

100% Fully ACO Certified Organic Products

Organic Beef Liver Powder 180g: ACO Certified Beef Liver Powder

Organic Beef Organs Powder 180g: ACO Certified Beef Liver/Heart/Lung/Spleen Powder

ACO Certified Organic Ingredients

Organic Beef Liver Capsules: ACO Certified Beef Liver Powder

Organic Beef Heart Capsules: ACO Certified Beef Heart Powder

Organic Beef Kidney Capsules: ACO Certified Beef Kidney Powder

Organic Beef Liver & Spleen Capsules : ACO Certified Beef Spleen & Beef Liver Powder

While some other brands may be sourcing organic organ meats, they do not hold a certification for the actual organ meat powders, meaning that any processes beyond sourcing the organ meats are not guaranteed to be organic as they have not undergone the strict auditing processes needed to attain certification. 

ACO Certified Since 2019

Cell Squared is extremely proud to say, we have held our own ACO Certification since before we first opened in 2019.Our organic range started with grass-fed ghee, cacao nibs/powder/butter and has since grown to include our organic grass-fed beef organ range. With our powders range being fully certified organic and our capsuled supplements created using the exact same powders as ACO Certified Organic ingredients.

What Is Organic Farming?

Organic farming is the production of food without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified components, that promotes ecological balance, and conserves biodiversity.

Sourcing organic produce is becoming increasingly important to many, and organ meats are no exception.

Organic Regulation

As organic sourcing becomes a defining factor when selecting which produce to eat, the marketing around organic produce is becoming progressively distorted, often taking advantage of this growing demand without authenticating the source as organic.

Here in Australia, the use of the word ‘organic’ is not regulated, meaning that any product can adopt its use without providing the consumer with any proof that it is legitimately organic. You may be wondering how we as discerning consumers are meant to authenticate a product as organic whilst the use of this term is so overly saturated. This is where organic certification becomes important, as only when a product is ‘certified’ organic can it be legitimised as truly of organic origin.   

What Makes Organ Meats Organic?

Certified organic organ meats are not only defined as coming from livestock that are grass-fed, or naturally grazed. Whilst these are certainly contributing factors to yield high quality organ meats, unless livestock are organically produced following the rigorous set of criteria to attain organic certification, there is still room for synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, and heavy metals to creep in.

Click the learn more button, for a deeper dive into the key criteria that livestock must meet to achieve organic certification, plus the benefits of eating certified organic organ meats for our health, animal welfare & the environment.