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Easily absorbed nutrients from beef organs

Our thyroid gland influences many different processes within our body. There is an ever-growing amount of thyroid health issues which can lead to a growing need to implement support protocols. Selenium is one of the key pillars for healthy thyroid function with clinical studies showing a deficiency decreases synthesis of thyroid hormones.

It is well known that histamine rich foods can cause histamine levels to rise. This rise can actually be the flow-on effect of DAO Enzyme deficiency which can cause the histamine intolerance.

There are synthetically created DAO supplements on the market which have very small amounts of (usually) pig kidney DAO as the active ingredient, then bound together with unnatural fillers & binders. Some of these fillers can cause negative affects and limit the absorption rate of the DAO Enzyme.

Kidney capsules for thyroid and histamine support

Beef Kidney Capsules

Beef kidney is a well-known source of natural DAO (Diamine Oxidase) Enzyme, that helps breakdown excess histamine in the body & neutralise dietary histamine in the digestive tract.

Beef kidney has the added benefit of being a rich source of natural Selenium & Riboflavin B2 which are critical for overall thyroid health & thyroid hormone metabolism into its active form.

What are the benefits of beef kidney capsules for thyroid health & histamine?

  • Selenium for the utilisation of iodine in thyroid function
  • Neutralise dietary histamine in the digestive tract.
  • Protect the thyroid from oxidative stress.
  • Assist histamine intolerance symptoms
  • Healthy thyroid function
  • Thyroid hormone metabolism
  • Breakdown excess histamine
  • Increase, build & maintain DAO enzyme levels naturally
  • Choline, Selenium & B vitamins to support a healthy gut & digestive system
  • Selenium plays a significant role in dopamine, serotonin & neurotransmitters that help regulate mood, brain fog & fatigue.
  • Riboflavin B2 for thyroid enzyme regulation
  • Lack of B2 reduces thyroid & adrenal function

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Riboflavin in beef kidney for Thyroid Health

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