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Beef liver to increase iron
Beef liver to increase iron

Naturally Support IRON Levels with Organic Beef Organ Supplements

Over 1 million Australians suffer from low iron symptoms such as low energy, fatigue, pale skin, general weakness, & slow exercise recovery, and many may not realise they require more Iron than others!

Gym-goers, women, resistance & endurance trainers, runners, team sports players, bodybuilders, children & teens, frequent blood donors, pregnant & postpartum women, & the elderly all have a higher iron requirement.

Beef organs such as Spleen & Liver are a rich source of easily absorbed Heme Iron & present a natural way to start replenishing & maintaining your IRON levels.

What are Nature's Richest Sources of Iron?

Organic, Grass-fed Beef Spleen & Beef Liver are two of the richest sources of IRON found in nature!

Beef Spleen & Liver Capsules

Introducing the ‘Ultimate Natural Iron Supplement’packed with easily absorbed Heme Iron plus many synergistic nutrients to increase overall Iron absorption. High intensity exercise & rapid muscle growth can affect Iron levels which lead to requiring more Iron than the typically recommended dietary intake (RDI).

This unique formulation of Beef Spleen & Liver includes 5 x Powerful IRON BOOSTING NUTRIENTS:Vitamin A, B12, Folate B9, Copper & Riboflavin B2. Plus many more easily absorbed natural vitamins & minerals.

How Can Beef Spleen & Liver Capsules Increase Iron Levels?

  • Targeted Iron support
  • 5 x powerful Iron boosting nutrients
  • Uniquely formulated 9.4mg 73% RDI of Iron
  • 2 in 1 Vitamin B12 & Iron Supplement
  • Enhanced Iron absorption
  • Promote energy production & endurance
  • Reduce fatigue, tiredness & brain fog
  • Mind clarity & mental focus
  • Reduce Iron deficiency anaemia symptoms
  • Improve red blood cell count
  • Ditch synthetic Iron
  • Women need DOUBLE the RDI of Iron compared to men
  • Hemoglobin production: transport & storage of oxygen for improved muscle function

Beef Liver Capsules

Beef liver is one of the richest natural sources of Heme Iron, and although the Iron content is not as high as our Beef Spleen & Liver Formulation, our Beef Liver Capsules are still considered a natural Iron supplement.

They contain 13% RDI of bioavailable Heme Iron per serve plus all the key synergistic vitamins & minerals which increase iron uptake in the body.

Many members of our community are having great success using beef liver capsules in maintaining their Iron levels.

How Can Beef Liver Capsules Increase Iron

  • Source of natural Heme Iron
  • Abundant source of B12 & Vitamin A
  • Vitamin A, B12, B9, Copper & B2 to assist with Iron metabolism
  • Increase hemoglobin production naturally
  • Essential B vitamins work to increase Iron levels
  • Improve red blood cell count & blood formation
  • Promote energy production
  • Ditch synthetic Iron supplements

Beef Liver Capsules are a great option for those wanting to improve their Iron levels in a less targeted way, alongside higher values of B12 & Vitamin A. To find out more about our beef liver capsules, we suggest going to our Energy & Performance section to read more

Certified Organic Beef Organs Powder

As a part of our continuous testing, verification and improvements, we recently reformulated our Australian Certified Organic Beef Organs Powder to have more easily absorbed Heme Iron per serve. Now providing 25% RDI of Iron per serve, plus five powerful iron boosting nutrients - Vitamin A, B12, Folate B9, Copper & Riboflavin B2 which all work synergistically to increase Iron uptake and usability.

For targeted Iron support with 'nose-to-tail' nourishment, we recommend pairing beef organs powder a few times per week alongside a daily dose of Beef Spleen & Liver Capsules.

How Can Certified Organic Beef Organs Powder Increase Iron Levels?

  • 25% RDI easily absorbed iron
  • Five iron boosting nutrients
  • Easily disguised in recipes
  • Tested, verified & consciously formulated
  • Nose to tail nourishment
  • Perfect for smoothies
  • Pair with Beef Spleen & Liver Capsules for Iron supplementation
  • ACO Certified Organic

Certified Organic Beef Liver Powder

Pure Australian Certified Organic Beef Liver Powder delivers 13% RDI of Heme Iron per serve, making it the prefect product for those who wish to maintain or steadily increase their Iron levels. Packed with higher amounts of the five powerful Iron boosting nutrients, beef liver powder can synergistically support the natural body processes to regulate Iron levels.

Many members within our community are successfully using our Certified Organic Beef Liver Powder to increase or maintain their Iron and hemoglobin levels.

How Can Organic Beef Liver Powder Increase Iron Levels?

  • 13% RDI Heme Iron
  • Steadily increase Iron
  • Maintain/regulate Iron levels
  • Perfect for smoothies & recipes
  • Five powerful Iron boosting nutrients
  • Synergistically support hemoglobin
  • ACO Certified Beef Liver Powder

Suffering with Low Iron?

Unsure if you are Iron deficient or not, these are some of the key symptoms to look for.

  • Pale skin
  • Dizziness
  • Slow recovery
  • Hair loss & shedding
  • Fatigue & weakness
  • Poor focus or concentration
  • Shortness of breath
  • Brittle nails
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Cold hands or feet
  • Irregular period cycle

Ditch the Synthetic Iron Supplements

Not all Iron supplements are created equal!

Beef organs contain a naturally lower amount of highly absorbable (Heme) Iron per serve compared to synthetic Iron supplements which often contain absurdly high amounts of synthetic lab-made forms of Iron.

This is because many synthetic Iron supplements are overcompensating for the poorly absorbed (sometimes as low as 2%) cheap & low-quality forms of Iron like 'Ferrous' Iron.

Synthetic forms of Iron have been found to cause side effects such as nausea, indigestion, vomiting, constipation, & even long-term gut health issues. This is why many are now turning to natural beef organ supplements.

Heme Vs Non-Heme Iron

Different forms of Iron are absorbed at varying degrees in the body.

Natural Iron from food comes in two forms:

1. Iron from animal foods (HEME Iron)
2. Iron from plant foods & synthetics (NON-HEME Iron)

Heme Iron from animal foods is MUCH more absorbable than the Non-Heme Iron found in plant foods or synthetic lab made versions of Iron.

Our gently freeze-dried 100% natural Organic Beef Organ Supplements deliver bioavailable Heme Iron, along with synergistic nutrients such as B12, Vit A, Folate, Copper, & B2 which greatly assist with iron uptake & usability, without the unwanted side effects.

Learn more about the iron found in beef organ meats in our blog 'What is Heme Iron'.

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