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Beef Liver to increase energy
Beef Liver to increase energy

Boost Energy, Power, Performance, & Recovery with Essential Micronutrients

Micronutrients such as B12, Vitamin A, Iron, B2, Copper & Folate alongside Amino Acids play a powerful role in building the nutritional foundations to maintain healthy muscles, support strong bones, increase ATP production for energy & recovery, maintain Iron levels during high intensity exercise, & repair damaged muscle tissues.

For eons, animal foods such as meat, beef organs & collagen have been providing our bodies with the sustenance they need to stay energized & to perform their best

Liver Capsules for Energy & Performance

Beef Liver Capsules

Essential B Vitamins are the key building blocks for improving & sustaining natural energy levels. Beef Liver Capsules are one of the richest natural sources of B vitamins, especially the most powerful Vitamin B12.

Ditch the synthetic supplements & start building energy levels naturally with ‘Nature’s Multivitamin’ Organic Beef Liver Capsules.

How can Beef LIVER Capsules Improve Energy Levels & Performance?

  • Natural & sustained daily energy
  • Foundational micronutrients
  • Promotes muscle development & recovery
  • Essential B Vitamins reduce fatigue
  • Increase bone strength
  • Release vital energy from food
  • Supports ATP production to increase overall energy
  • Source of Iron, critical for energy production
  • Improve mental function & performance
  • Vitamin A & B Vitamins assist with balancing male & female sex hormones

Beef Spleen & Liver Capsules

Iron is a major component of hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying protein within the red blood cells, which carries oxygen from our lungs to all around our body. Without enough Iron, our body does not transport oxygen effectively, leading to low energy & fatigue.

This unique formulation of organic beef spleen & liver is our targeted Iron supplement, which includes synergistic nutrients to increase overall Iron absorption.

5 x Powerful IRON BOOSTERS:Vitamin A, B12, Folate B9, Copper & Riboflavin B2. Plus many more easily absorbed natural vitamins & minerals.

How Can Beef SPLEEN & LIVER Improve Energy Levels & Performance?

  • Iron & B Vitamins to promote energy production
  • Healthy Iron levels for extra stamina & endurance
  • Created for anybody who suffers from low Iron
  • WOMEN need double RDI of Iron compared to men
  • Uniquely formulated to deliver 73% RDI Iron
  • Vitamin A, B12, B9, Copper & B2 to assist with iron metabolism
  • Reduce fatigue, tiredness & brain fog
  • Mind clarity & mental focus

Bovine Beef Collagen Powder

Our Hydrolysed Bovine Beef Collagen Peptides are 100% Australian made from certified pasture-fed cattle (no grains ever), guaranteeing a strict set of audited standards are always met.

Collagen plays a key role in the recovery & growth of muscles, tendons, & ligaments. Also, in supporting bone growth, cartilage, & joint health. Each one of these aspects makes up our body mechanics, how it moves & operates.

A recovered body in optimal condition will help support improved performance & more energy.

How Can Hydrolysed Beef COLLAGEN PEPTIDES Improve Energy Levels & Performance?

  • Amino profile that assists with muscle growth & creatine formation
  • Promotes muscle, tendon, & ligament recovery
  • Recovery from exercise
  • Supports bone mineral density, growth & strength
  • Connective tissue production

Certified Organic Beef Liver Powder

Give your meals a nutritional edge with the ultimate kitchen staple! Our beef liver powder makes the nutritional benefits of eating beef liver accessible in daily life, providing the same benefits for energy as our liver capsules, just in powdered form.

Beef liver powder is perfect for hiding in family meals & adding into your favourite recipes, from meatballs to ice cream, yes even ice cream – check our recipe section HERE.

How Can Certified Organic Beef LIVER POWDER Improve Energy Levels & Performance?

We support our energy levels with liver powder by treating it as an addition to our liver capsules. We take beef liver capsules each morning (as the tasteless & convenient option), then use beef liver powder in a few recipes per week.

Or use it as your daily in smoothies or meals!

Certified Organic Beef Organs Powder

For our complete ‘nose to tail’ option, check out our Certified Organic Beef Organs Powder Blend (liver/spleen/heart/lung) with 258% RDI Vitamin B12 & 25% RDI of heme iron per serve!

Plus, many more vitamins, minerals & amino acids to help improve energy & vitality.

How Can Certified Organic Beef ORGANS POWDER Improve Energy & Performance?

  • All-rounder 'nose to tail' nourishment
  • Organ specific proteins, peptides & enzymes
  • 'Like supports like' organ support
  • Improved Iron levels & energy production
  • Immune system & healthy metabolism
  • Overall wellbeing

Beef Heart Capsules

Beef heart is a 100% natural source of highly absorbable Coenzyme CoQ10, essential B vitamins, & aminos that can support healthy blood formation, energy metabolism & cell division.

The nutritional profile of Beef Heart Capsules is a little lower when comparing to our other Beef Organs, for that reason we class Beef Heart Capsules as a stacking product which goes well with Beef Liver Capsules.

To stack beef heart with beef liver, we suggest taking a full dose of beef liver capsules in the morning, followed by half dose of beef heart capsules a little later in the day or around midday.

How Can Beef HEART Capsules Improve Energy Levels & Performance?

  • Natural source of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supporting energy production
  • Supports cell division & the protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • Contributes to blood formation & creation of red blood cells
  • Overcome brain fog or low energy throughout your day
  • Threonine, Lysine & B2 assist iron uptake
  • Lysine increases vessel diameter to improve blood flow
  • Heart specific proteins, peptides & enzymes can assist the cardiovascular system
  • Assists energy release from food, increasing endurance.
  • Choline to assist muscle nerve function

Magnesium Oil Spray

One of the key components to energy & performance is optimal recovery, improving our recovery process increases the overall energy we have. Our highly concentrated pure magnesium oil is sprayed on the skin, for transdermal absorption. The raw magnesium originates from the Dead Sea which is known for its amazing healing abilities.

Magnesium Oil Spray can be used acutely to relieve muscle tension, soreness, stiffness, cramps and assist with joint pain. It can also be used routinely for calming stress relief and to assist with sleep quality.

6-8 sprays on the stomach 20mins before bed is our nightly go-to.

How Can Magnesium Oil Improve Energy Levels & Performance?

  • Replenish magnesium levels
  • Deeper sleep cycles & quality
  • Recover from muscle tension, soreness, stiffness, cramps
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Stress relief, helps the mind & body relax
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Cellular energy production

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