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Beef Liver to Increase Vitamin B12
Beef Liver to Increase Vitamin B12

Beef Organs Are a Naturally Abundant Source of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12, also known as ‘Cobalamin’, is one of eight B Vitamins that your body requires to carry out important functions such as energy production, the formation of red blood cells, DNA synthesis, regulating homocysteine levels, & maintaining proper nervous system function.

Being an essential Vitamin, our bodies cannot produce Vitamin B12 so we must attain it from our diet, with the best and most bioavailable source of Vitamin B12 in nature being found in animal products.

Natural Vs Synthetic B12

The natural B12 found in Organic Beef Organ Supplements is much more bioavailable (efficiently absorbed) than synthetic versions, which are known to cause unwanted side effects. This is clear to see by looking at some of the popular synthetic supplements where some daily dosages are 80,000% of the RDI - which seems crazy!

This is because they need to overcompensate for the extremely poor absorption rate of synthetic B12, not to mention the stress it puts on our body trying to convert that much synthetic B12 into usable B12.

Beef Liver Capsules

Beef liver is known as a rich source of bioavailable Vitamin B12 (our capsules contain 450% RDI per serve), this form is bound to natural animal-based protein & is water soluble, so any excess that our body does not use is easily excreted as waste with no unnecessary stress on our body.

Not only are Organic Beef Liver Capsules packed with B12, but it’s also a source of Copper, Folate B9, Riboflavin B2, B5, B3, B7, Selenium & Choline all of which work together as an essential B vitamin powerhouse to propel these benefits even more.

What Are the B12 Benefits from Beef Liver Capsules?

  • Boost energy, vitality & performance
  • Replace synthetic B12 supplements
  • Rich natural source of Vitamin B12 (450% RDI per serve)
  • Increase oxygen carrying capacity of blood
  • ATP energy production
  • Release energy & nutrients from food
  • Bone mineral density, strength & growth
  • Reduce brain fog & fatigue
  • Exercise & endurance
  • Muscle/tissue recovery & repair
  • DNA formation
  • Metabolise proteins into amino acids
  • Convert fats into energy
  • Key micronutrients for muscle development & growth

These are just some of the benefits relating to B12 supplementation, beef liver is considered ‘Nature’s Multivitamin’ because it has so many nutrients & benefits. Check out the other health goals sections to learn more.

Beef Spleen & Liver Capsules

Our Organic Beef Spleen & Liver Capsules are firstly known as the ‘Ultimate Natural Iron Supplement’, but they also contain a rich amount of B12. Perfect for those wanting to increase their B12 levels in a less targeted way whilst simultaneously focusing on their Iron levels with a high Heme Iron content.

Our Beef Spleen & Liver Capsules have 300% RDI of B12 per serve, plus all the other essential B vitamins at lesser amounts than beef liver alone.

What Are the Vitamin B12 Benefits from Beef Spleen & Liver Capsules?

There is more than enough B12 in our Beef Spleen & Liver combo to assist with B12 deficiencies & to maintain healthy B12 levels. All the B12 benefits are very similar, although slightly less potent than beef liver, but with the added benefits of 9.4mg (73% RDI) Heme Iron per serve. You can learn more here in our Iron Supplement section.

  • Rich natural source of B12 & Heme Iron
  • 300% RDI Vitamin B12 per serve
  • B12 required for production of red blood cells
  • Oxygen transport
  • Hemoglobin production
  • Energy & mind clarity
  • Deficiency in B12 can lead to Iron deficiency
  • B12 & Iron deficiencies can lead to anaemia

Certified Organic Beef Liver Powder

Our Australian Certified Organic Beef Liver Powder will provide exactly the same benefits as our Beef Liver Capsules. Except in powdered form making it the 'Ultimate Kitchen Staple', easily disguised in recipes, smoothies or even animal-based ice cream!

Delivering 450% RDI of Vitamin B12 per 3g serve, plus packed with all the other essential vitamins, minerals & aminos which gives beef liver Powder its 'Natures Multivitamin' reputation.

What Are the B12 & B Vitamins Benefits from Certified Organic Beef Liver Powder?

  • 450% RDI Vitamin B12
  • Easily disguised in many different recipes
  • Supercharge your smoothies
  • Give your cooking the nutritional edge
  • Fully ACO Certified Organic
  • Packed with essential B Vitamins
  • Versatile for entire family
  • Sneak into kids' meals

Certified Organic Beef Organs Powder

Nose-to-tail nourishment with 258% RDI of B12 per serve, our Australian Certified Organic Beef Organs Powder is a meticulously formulated blend of certified organic beef liver, heart, lung & spleen. Our premium quality organs powder is perfect for those who want to conveniently add a range of organic beef organ meats into their diets.

We love to pair this with our daily dose of capsules, by adding the organs blend into our meals or smoothies a few times per week.

What Are the B12 & B Vitamins Benefits from Certified Organic Beef Organs Powder?

  • 258% RDI Vitamin B12
  • Nose-to-tail nourishment
  • High quality ACO certified beef organs.
  • Uniquely formulated
  • 25% RDI Heme Iron
  • Pair organs powder with daily capsules routine
  • Nutrients for entire family
  • Check out our RECIPE SECTIONfor more

Can I Have Too Much Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin which does not build up in the body. After the body uses the B12 it needs, any excess is passed as waste through your urine.

As mentioned earlier many synthetic lab made versions of B12 have huge RDI% (up to 80k) per serve. The poor bioavailability results in most of this going to waste, causing bright yellow pee/urine.

The 100% natural B12 found in our organic beef organ supplements is highly bioavailable, making it much more effective.

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