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Dead Sea Bath Salts 1kg
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Size: 1kg

Unlock the ancient

Originating from the ancient, deep mineral deposits of the Dead Sea, renowned for its powerful healing abilities for millennia. The concentrated mineral content detoxifies the body and quietens the mind.

See our Benefits, Uses and Origin tabs above for more information.

100% Natural, GMO Free



+ Reduces muscle and joint cramps, inflammation, swelling, soreness, and stiffness

+ Relieves stress and tension by eliminating toxins in the body

+ Rich in essential minerals such as Magnesium, Bromide, Iodine, Potassium, Sulfur, Calcium, Sodium, Zinc, and more

+ High in sulfur, a powerful cleanser that has been proven to fight acne effectively

+ Promotes skin cell regeneration

+ Magnesium which promotes rapid healing of skin tissue, soothing skin allergies

+ Fights off free radicals and exfoliates to promote soft, plump, and hydrated skin

+ Stimulates blood flow, increasing circulation and energising the body

+ Antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties


Serving & Uses

*** Please note: Dead Sea Salt is NOT a food-grade salt and is not intended for oral consumption. ***


+ Dissolve 1-2 cups of Dead Sea Salt in warm bath water

+ Soak for 20 minutes or longer

+ While in the bath, rub some salt in smooth circular motions over your body to remove dead skin and activate skin cell regeneration


+ Dissolve a small handful of salt in a basin of warm water

+ Rub softly on your face to remove dirt, oils and impurities


+ Enjoy the benefits of Dead Sea Salt even without access to a bath!

+ Add ¼ cup to a tub or bucket

+ Soak feet for 20 mins

+ The feet are an incredibly absorbent point of the body


+ Keep a small container of salt in your shower to use as a rejuvenating body scrub

+ Simply dampen the salt and massage it into your skin whilst showering or bathing


Ancient Origin

Since Ancient times, travellers from all over the world have made the trek to seek out the physical and metaphysical benefits that the Dead Sea has to offer.

One of the most notable enthusiasts of the Dead Sea’s healing abilities was the famed Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra, who fiercely believed that the Dead Sea had mystical healing powers and accredited the sea for maintaining her overall health and beauty. As we now know in modern times, this is due to the Dead Sea’s extremely high mineral content of 21 naturally occurring minerals, including magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium and sulfates.


Fed by the Jordan River, sitting in the heart of the Great Syrian-African rift, 1320 feet below sea level, The Dead Sea is one of the earth's most unique bodies of water, The Dead Sea is the deepest hyper-saline lake in the world and is credited for its powerful healing and purification abilities.

The Dead Sea’s salt concentration is a staggering 30-40% (compared to ocean water which is only 6% salt). One of the elemental salts that contribute to this saltiness is Magnesium, which we now understand to be a contributor to the many therapeutic and medicinal benefits people have experienced from bathing in The Dead Sea since ancient times.

Our Dead Sea Salt has undergone strict testing to ensure it is of the highest standard with absolutely no heavy metals, additives or anti-caking agents.


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