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Himalayan Rock Salt Refill - Save 40%
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Size: 400g

Unlock the ancient

Known as ‘Sendha Namak’ in ancient Ayurveda texts. Sourced from ancient sea beds at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It is believed that the purity is a result of once being protected by mineral-rich lava.

See our Benefits, Uses and Origin tabs above for more information.

100% Natural, GMO Free


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+ Rich in easily-absorbable minerals

+ Boosts daily electrolyte intake when taken regularly

+ Anti-bacterial properties to fight off harmful bacteria

+ Regulates sleep and mood

+ Balances blood sugar for metabolic health

+ Enhances immune function

Serving & Uses

+ Season your favourite meal anytime

+ Add a pinch to water for an electrolyte boost

+ Mix with coconut oil to create your own DIY body scrub

Ancient Origin

Millions of years ago, an inland sea slowly evaporated leaving behind expansive mineral salt deposits. As tectonic and volcanic activity shifted the earth, the seabed was completely buried under intense pressure by lava, before being forced upward as the earth formed the mountain ranges of today.


Our salt is still extracted by hand, according to long standing tradition. After been hand-selected, the salt is then hand-crushed, hand-washed and dried in the sun. This process ensures all 84 trace elements and minerals are kept at their most natural levels.

The mineral ratio of Himalayan Salt is considered to closely mirror the ideal ratio for our bodies optimal function. Additionally these minerals exist in ionic form, which our body prefers as the extremely small size means they can be easily absorbed.



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While other brands are trying to build 'value' or 'potency' into their smaller bottles...we build 'honesty & integrity'.

If you wish to take less capsules for more serves, take lower dosages, which also lower the results.

As beef organ supplements become more popular, we are seeing an increase in unsubstantiated claims (super low nutrient values), tricky advertising, buzz words & misrepresented organic sourcing.

We strip nutrition back to basics by focusing on the authentic nutrients in each of our products.

Facts are facts, if you reduce the intake number per serve, the amount of available nutrients will decrease, which can lead to the benefits taking longer to occur. While we recommend 6 capsules per serve, the decision on how many to take is upon each individual's nutritional needs.

Being extremely passionate about beef organs, the last thing we want to see is the TRUE health benefits message being diluted by telling people 2-4 capsules will give the same benefits as 6 capsules.