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Natural Epsom Salts 1kg - Food Grade
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Size: 1kg

Unlock the ancient

A highly sought-after ancient commodity. Our rare 100% raw mineral Epsom Salts are sustainably sourced from one of the world's only natural deposits. Meticulously handled to ensure purity and to harness the powerful mind, body, spirit benefits of Magnesium Sulfate.

Food graded, meaning it can be consumed as a sulfate and magnesium essential mineral supplement.

Most commonly absorbed through the skin when used as bath salts or foot soaks.

See our Benefits, Uses and Origin tabs above for more information.

100% Natural, Food Grade, GMO Free


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+ Relieves joint pain and muscle recovery

+ Rebuild connective tissue, increase collagen and improve skin elasticity

+ Provides calming stress relief and improves sleep quality

+ Assists with the removal of toxins and heavy metals at a cellular level, reducing inflammation

+ Aids in brain health and proper neurotransmitter function

+ Strengthens the immune system

+ Magnesium sulphate is an essential mineral

+ Sulphate is important for metabolic processes, and for the function of proteins and insulin

+ 100% natural with no additives, or anything artificial


Serving & Uses

+ Add 1-3 cups to warm water to create a mineral infused bath - keep hydrated before & after bath

+ Add 1/4 cup to bucket/container of warm water, creating your own reviving foot soak, sit for at least 20mins

+ Use as an exfoliant, just place some in your hand, dampen it and massage it into your skin


Ancient Origin

100% naturally occurring raw minerals, Magnesium and Sulfate have assisted humans in many ways since ancient times. In our bodies, Magnesium is present in over 300 biochemical reactions, including synthesising proteins, regulating blood pressure, glucose control, and muscle/nerve function.



Many other epsom salts are ungraded and completely man made. Sourced from Germany, our food grade 100% Natural Epsom Salt (Bittersalz) are of a very high quality standard, making them one of the purest available.

Sulfate is a key mineral for optimal wellbeing, essential to the bodies electron transport system, as a part of iron/sulfur proteins in the mitochondria, which are the energy factories of your cells.


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