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Purification - Australian Grown White Sage + Smokey Quartz
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Unlock the ancient

Initiate 'Purification' with our Australian grown white sage smudge stick. Paired with Smokey Quartz, this combination facilitates a clear mind for a deeper meditative state, is believed to remove negative energies, provide grounding and anchor in expanded consciousness, unifying mind-body-spirit.

{ Size: 17cm L x 3cm dia }

See our Benefits, Uses and Origin tabs above for more information.

100% Natural, Premium, Australian Grown, Organic, Slow Burn, Sustainable



+ Enhances intuition

+ Dispels negative energies

+ Reduces stress by activating certain receptors in the brain

+ Traditionally used to safeguard against negativity that could interfere with sleep

+ Cognition enhancing benefits to improve memory and focus

+ Antimicrobial properties to suppress infectious bacteria, viruses and fungi

+ Deepens meditation

+ Energetically cleanses crystals and ceremonial tools



+ One of the most efficient stones for grounding and cleansing

+ Assists elimination and detoxification on all levels

+ Ushers in positive energy

+ Brings strength and stability

+ Strong protective energies

+ Helps to relieve fear, stress, doubt and negative thinking


How To Use

Smudging can be used to clear negative energies and welcome high vibrations into your life.

1. Begin by lighting the end of the smudge stick with a matchstick or from an already lit candle. Allow the flame to burn for a moment before blowing it out then allow the smoke to swirl from the sage.

2. As you are lighting the sage, set your intention or positive affirmation for the smudging practice. You can say this either out loud or mindfully to yourself.

3. While holding onto your intention, consciously wave the smudge stick around the space, person, or item to be cleansed.

When smudging a space, walk into each corner of the room and allow the smoke to fill this space. Be sure to get the cleansing smoke in doorways, around windows and crevices where energy stagnates. You may choose to cleanse your space after an argument, illness or a traumatic event. Many also find it beneficial to cleanse a new home to clear the space of any residual energy.

Smudging yourself or others, wave the sage over the body, along each limb and around the head. You can also cup the smoke in your hand and then wash this over your head from front to back, around your crown. You may wish to smudge yourself before meditation or holding ceremony to increase clarity and balance and assist you in creating a high vibration for your spiritual practice.

If smudging crystals or ceremonial tools, wave the sage all over and around the item, allowing the smoke to envelop it. The more you use a stone, the more energy it collects. A good practice is to cleanse your stones frequently to remove any collected energy and recharge them to work at their highest capacity.

4. Once finished, stub out your smudge stick in sand or a heat resistant container. We like to use a beautiful ceramic bowl that we store our sage in between uses.

Be sure to thoroughly extinguish your sage stick and caution/avoid using when pregnant.


Ancient Origin 

In many ancient cultures, plants are more than living things, they have a spirit just as we do, and sage is no different.

The smoke generated by plants has a rich history of use as part of spiritual practice. The first nations people of America were the first on record for using sage in a ceremonious manner and burnt sage as a way of communicating with the spiritual realm and connecting to the spirit of the plant and the earth. When sage is burned, it releases negative ions, which are linked to lifting our mood.

Similar to bathing to cleanse our physical body, smudging with sage is intended to cleanse our energetic body and lift away negative energies and emotions. Cleansing both our space and ourselves can have a significantly positive effect on our emotional and mental wellbeing. When burning sage with intention, you are asking the spirit of the sage to bring its clearing and protective energy into your space, your body and your energetic field. When you perform a smudging ritual using sage, you are connecting with a powerful ancient line of spiritual tradition.



The intention and cultivation of this product are just as important as buying organic food. Cell Squared sage is sustainably and organically grown in Australia. Our sticks are made from long stems of white sage and tightly bound to give the stick a nice slow burn and make it easy to stub out to reuse again.

Each of our Sage sticks have been lovingly hand wrapped in ceremony and each crystal has been selected with intention to complement its benefits.