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Keto Cacao Ice Cream

We were blown away with this ketolicious ice cream from Mad Creations.

Who would have thought that ice cream could be so nutritious!

With simple, nourishing ingredients such as 100% Cacao, eggs and collagen, this recipe packs a HUGE nutritional punch!

The best part about making your own ice cream at home is that you know EXACTLY what has gone into it. No added nasties, that are still often found in many of even the ‘healthiest’ of ice creams on the shelves.

Recipe by Mad Creations



3 cups thickened cream (750g) or heavy cream

120g xylitol sweetener

1/2 teaspoon Sea Salt Flakes

6 large egg yolks room temperature

3 tablespoons Cell Squared Organic Cacao Powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Optional - 2 tablespoons unflavoured beef collagen peptides powder



Follow the link to Mad Creations for the full method as well as ice cream making tips and tricks! >> HERE

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