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Organic Beef Liver: The Health Benefits Of ‘Nature’s Multivitamin’


Cultures throughout history, have praised the amazing health benefits you can unlock by consuming beef organs, with beef liver widely known as one of the MOST nutrient dense foods. We do not have to go back far to discover beef liver and organs were a popular ancestral staple, with stories of our parents arriving home to the smell of cooking beef liver with bacon or using other nutrient dense organs to make nourishing stews. 

Until recently, the modern western diet had lost its connection with the ancestral nose-to-tail way of eating. Now we are unlocking what we always knew, that eating organ meats not only has many health benefits, like the extensive beef liver benefits outlined below, but is also a more sustainable way of eating, by reducing waste.

Traditional cultures past & present, lead lifestyles deeply connected to the natural world and those living on and with the land have always held animals in high regard, understanding the nutritional importance of life feeding life.  

There are cultures that still practice this ancestral way of life such as the Hadza people of Tanzania who are acutely aware of the vitality eating organs enables. Chronic disease is extremely rare amongst the Hazda people which has been hypothesised to be a result of regularly consuming beef liver and organs.


Beef Liver Nutrition Properties:

Beef liver used to be an extremely popular delicacy before people started favouring muscle meats for their flavour. Most often hunter-gathers would go straight for the organ meat before anything else. Organ meats are the most nutrient dense part of the animal, many times richer in vitamins & minerals compared to muscle meats. 

Although our ancestors may not have been able to profile the specific nutrients in the organs they ate, today we can identify the vitamins and minerals that attribute to the many health benefits of eating beef liver and organs.

Per calorie, beef liver is one of the most bioavailable, nutrient dense foods in existence and we set out to back this up, by implementing independent third-party testing of our own freeze-dried liver powder.

We partnered with one of Australia’s leading laboratories to test the per serve nutritional profile of freeze-dried beef liver powder, with our results indicating nutritional properties equivalent of eating up to 18g raw or 34g cooked (avg 25g) of organic grass-fed beef liver organ meat.  Which are amazing results considering that our suggested serving size is 3g of gently freeze-dried organic grass-fed beef liver powder.


Beef Liver Benefits:  

With an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, let us call out some of the highest vitamin values found in our study of beef liver nutrition profiles:

  • Vitamin A

    Liver has the most abundant source of Preformed Vitamin A (Retinol) found in nature. To really see how important this fact is, we must delve further into Vitamin A. Known as an essential fat-soluble vitamin, it is made up of both Provitamin A (found in plants) and Preformed Vitamin A Retinol (found in animals).

    Provitamin A is considered an inactive form of the vitamin, meaning that our body's need to process and convert it into Retinol, before being absorbed. On the other hand, Preformed Vitamin A Retinol is regarded as active and bio available, meaning it is immediately ready for the body to absorb. 

    Knowing this, you can see that Retinol is the more efficient and effective way to source your Vitamin A. Some of the most known benefits are maintaining skin health, supporting healthy immune system function, improving vison and overall eye health. One of our personal favourite benefits is that Retinol Vitamin A assists with iron metabolism, which enhances the absorption of the iron content found in liver and other foods. Beef liver provides 107% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin A (per 3g serve of freeze-dried organic grass-fed beef liver).


  • Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that your body cannot produce itself and must be obtained through diet. One of the most common signs of B12 deficiency is fatigue, so if feeling tired or fatigued, correcting B12 levels can assist with restoring central nervous system function - reducing tiredness, fatigue and increasing energy levels.

    Vitamin B12 plays many roles in the maintenance of your health, including red blood cell formation and DNA synthesis. It has been shown to benefit your body by boosting energy, improving physical performance, minimising brain fog, enhancing mental clarity, supporting skin, hair & nail health, and maintaining the cardiovascular system. Beef liver provides 450% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin B12 (per 3g serve of freeze-dried organic grass-fed beef liver).


  • Vitamin (B2) (Riboflavin)

    Riboflavin plays a vital role in absorbing nutrients from food and maintaining your body’s energy supply. It helps to produce ATP from food, which is used to store energy and to release it as the body requires. Beef liver provides 21% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin B2 (per 3g serve of freeze-dried organic grass-fed beef liver).


  • Folate (B9)

    Folate plays a contributing role in blood formation, cell division, amino acid synthesis, immune system function, brain health, reducing tiredness & improving mental fatigue. When paired, B12 & Folate share an important relationship where they both interact and assist each to maximise the uptake of nutrients, playing a role in nervous system health. Beef liver provides 17% of the recommended daily value of Folate (per 3g serve of freeze-dried organic grass-fed beef liver).


  • Vitamin B7 (Biotin)

    Biotinis a water-soluble vitamin that helps the body metabolise fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Water-soluble vitamins are not stored in the body so dietary intake is necessary. B7 is known to assist with energy production, brain function, repairing muscle tissue and contributes to a healthy nervous system. Biotin can also improve blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin secretion and enhance glucose uptake in muscle cells.Beef liver provides 17% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin B7 (per 3g serve of freeze-dried organic grass-fed beef liver).


  • Iron

    Iron is an essential nutrient for the growth of your body as we require small quantities of this trace mineral every day to produce hemoglobin. Haemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of your body, including the brain. This circulated oxygen helps to improve cognitive function and create new neural pathways, supporting brain health. Some of the other benefits include improving energy production, immune system function, mental clarity and reducing fatigue. Beef liver provides 13% of the recommended daily value of Iron (per 3g serve of freeze-dried organic grass fed beef liver).


  • Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

    Vitamin B5, also known as Pantothenic Acid, is another water-soluble essential B vitamin which assists with metabolic functions, synthesising fatty acids, breaking down cholesterol and releasing energy from food. Importantly B5 can improve the uptake of other nutrients including Vitamin D & Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). Beef liver provides 8% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin B5 (per 3g serve of freeze-dried organic grass-fed beef liver).


  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

    Niacin B3 is another one of the essential B Vitamins, known to play a role in brain function, metabolism, skin health, and balancing blood cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that Niacin can assist in raising HDL cholesterol levels, which is the ‘good’ cholesterol that helps remove the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream. Beef liver provides 6% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin B3 (per 3g serve of freeze-dried organic grass-fed beef liver).


How to include beef liver in your natural wholefoods diet

Now that you are aware of the benefits consuming liver offers, you may be wondering the best way to experience these. Whether your preference is to eat fresh liver or opt for convenience of a beef liver supplement like freeze-dried capsules, there are many ways to integrate nutritionally rich liver into your diet. 

  • Pan fried – Our personal favourite way to enjoy beef liver is pan-fried in organic ghee, alongside diced bacon. Do not forget a sprinkle of Sea Salt Flakes for the finishing touch!

  • Burger patties – Dice the beef liver up and mix it through the mince before moulding it into burger patties.

  • Mince or spaghetti bolognaise – Beef liver is the perfect ‘hidden ingredient’ when diced up and mixed through mince or spaghetti bolognaise. A great way to sneak some extra nutrition into meals for the family.

  • Liver Pate -Beef liver can be a showstopper as an entrée or a nutritious snack when served as Pate. Pan-fry it alongside bacon and your choice of herbs and then blend it into a paste using a food processor. 

  • Nourishing stews –A nourishing stew featuring beef liver is the perfect way to keep warm during the cooler months and to keep the immune system strong.

  • Organic Grass-fed beef liver capsules – Unable to source good quality beef liver or not quite ready to introduce the flavour in the kitchen? The nutritional benefits of liver can be experienced in the convenient form of capsules taken once daily. The beef liver is gently freeze dried to ensure all the nutritional benefits of eating raw liver are retained.

  • Organic Grass-fed beef liver powder –Freeze dried organic beef liver powder is another convenient way to incorporate liver when you are unable to access a quality organic source. Organic beef liver powder is gently freeze-dried and left in powdered form to be conveniently added to meals such as stews, bolognaise, burger patties and eggs.  

Over the years we have enjoyed the benefits of incorporating beef liver into our diets using all the options above, however since finding and then creating our own beef liver supplements like freeze-dried liver powder/capsules, we have gravitated more toward this option.

 Our three main reasons are remarkably simple:

  1. Nutritional Profile – Known as ‘natures multivitamin’ - one 3g serve of our organic grass-fed beef liver powder/capsules have nutritional values equivalent of eating up to 34g (avg 25g) of cooked liver. Many vitamins and minerals are heat sensitive, deteriorating when undergoing cooking processes, and resulting in a portion of the nutrient content being lost. The gentle freeze-drying process instead locks many nutrients in, especially Folate, Vitamin A Retinol, Iron, and Vitamin B12.


  2. Availability - Organic fresh beef liver meat can be difficult to source at the best of times, then once found it does not stay fresh for very long, a short shelf life. Liver powder ‘the ultimate kitchen staple’ can be conveniently kept in your cupboard, ready to give your cooking the nutritional edge at any time. 


  3. Convenience - Beef liver capsules are tasteless and the most convenient way to introduce the benefits of liver into your daily life. A fantastic way to boost overall health by introducing them into your nutritional routine - morning, day, or night.  We also love to take 4-6 capsules as a clean B12 energy boost (1-2hrs) before gym or exercise! 

Begin to regain your vitality and shop our freeze dried organic beef liver supplements, capsules and powders HERE.  You can also discover the benefits of our full range of grass-fed organ capsules and powders HERE.

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