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Ancestral Health Supplements for Holistic Modern Living

Cell Squared specialises in ancestral wholefood supplements. Our nutrient dense freeze-dried Beef Liver & Organ supplements are consciously created in small batches from Australian Certified Organic grass-fed & finished cows.

By combining remedial methods we’ve known for years with ancestral practices we’ve known for lifetimes, we can find true symbiosis across mind, body & spirit.

We believe in making ancestral nutrition & natural remedies accessible within modern life, allowing us to not just survive, but THRIVE.

Food As Medicine

We’re firm believers in traditional healing practices. If ancestral health has taught us one thing, it’s that true mastery begins from within. This is why every single Cell Squared product is natural yet medicinal.

This holistic approach to health & wellness ensures our community experiences each product’s benefits across mind, body & spirit.

Consciously Sourced Beef Organs

Coming from a family of multi-generational farmers, the sourcing of our beef organ meats is of the utmost importance.

From farm to table, our beef organ supplements are:

  • From ACO Certified Organic farms
  • 100% Grass-fed AND finished
  • Regeneratively raised
  • 100% Australian
  • Free from glyphosate
  • Free from GMO's, antibiotics, & hormones

Our freeze-dried beef organ powders are the ONLY fully ACO Certified Organic Beef Liver & Organ Powders on the market!

The Ultimate Natural Iron Supplement

A unique formulation of organic beef spleen & liver, with a whopping 9.4mg 73% RDI of bioavailable Heme Iron per serve!

  • Enhance Iron levels 
  • 2-in-1 Iron/B12 Supplement
  • Increase energy & endurance
  • 5 x Synergistic Nutrients Vitamin A, B12, B2, Copper, & Folate to POWERFULLY BOOST IRON absorption
  • Reduce tiredness/fatigue
  • Improve mind clarity & focus
  • 160 Capsules

100% natural freeze-dried beef organs with nothing else added, simply vitamins & minerals in their most bio-available form.

Loved by Health Experts